Autumn 2009

SRK Custom sidecars and Premier Sidecars    

 Autumn 2009.



hat a year 2008 turned out to be. The last half of the year seemed to be a blur and 2009 has continued the trend. The highlight of the year would have to be completion of the purchase of Premier Sidecars.  Rob has been across to Bathurst from Broken Hill a few times now, delivering moulds and sidecar associated bits. With the addition of the Premier stock we now have an incredible range of sidecars available:

Panorama: Double

Dustings (single. One & half, double)


Twin G

Tour Elite




Soon to Follow:



Scooter Sideboot


Each model is available with various options, for example the Panorama now comes with a 15” wheel, a new high top and revised suspension.  So there is something to suit every rider and every bike.  We are continually refining and adding to the range, the latest addition will be the new Griffin sidecar. The release of the Griffin has been delayed by the work involved in absorbing the Premier stock (we had to add a new floor in the workshop to fit everything in!)  but its on the way and will be a more sporty addition to the range. Keep an eye on the Premier web site; we will soon have all the body photos and info brochures loaded up.

There only one way to go and that’s up!










The development of the Series 3 Leading Link will now become the benchmark for all front ends. Minor changes have streamlined production and increased brake stabiliser clearance making it much easier for installation and the mounting of original guards.  In another move to streamline production we moved to a new fiberglass firm and we are very happy with the quality of their work. What’s more they are based just down the road in Lithgow, which should also help us to meet our objective of faster turnaround time.


matt_and_sean.jpgMy son, Matthew, has started his apprenticeship (Engineering Production) with us. The extra worker will give us at least give us a fighting chance of keeping up with demand. 







In a recent article in the “The West Australian (1/4/09) by Peter Thoeming  spoke about “the slow and gentle rebirth of the outfit movement in Australia.” He hasn’t seen our workshop lately…outfits everywhere!  Anyway the article added to the chaos in that it brought in numerous enquiries and three firm orders. One family is planning to pick up their ST1100 + Premier and take a holiday riding back to Perth (It’s a hard life but someone has to do it.)


kurt_and_sean.jpgWe have been negotiating with Kurt Neilson in New Zealand to send some sidecars to Kiwi land but I don’t think we’ll get any volunteers to ride them home.Kurt visited us earlier in the year to look at our products and see how things happened at SRK. We will soon have a link to his new web site.








New project sidecar the GSF1250S and Premier. Follow the progress of this one, it will make a great outfit when it comes up for sale.  My brother, Pat, has his eye on it as a replacement for his trusty GSX1100 but it will be first in best outfitted when it hits the road.











LATEST NEWS:  We are working on a prototype for a 15’’ bolt on wheel to suit BMW.  We’ll keep you informed on availability and pricing.

  The Griffin and Scooter Sideboot have been delayed due to work load and the change to a new fibreglass manufacturer.

 Keep in mind Winter is the time to get your sidecar project under way, Ready for Spring

All  the best from the Team at SRK