Sidecar Bodies - Morrigan Super Sport

The Morrigan.


Morrigan the Celtic Goddess of Battle, Strife & Fertility.


The idea for the Morrigan started back in the 80’s when I put pen to paper and tried to design a sidecar that would fun fast and different. Without the investment of time and money ideas are just that, Ideas. Now some 27 odd years later I have the opportunity to bring that idea to fruition. It won’t be a new idea as we have seen many built around the world over the years; however it will be my dream and one of the first in Aus.

The Morrigan will be a Super Sport Sidecar in two formats based on a Road Race Sidecar, the first a kneeler, low sleek and as her name suggests ready for Battle, the second, probably suited to longer distances with be a low seat sitter. Both designs will have full fairings blended from bike to sidecar & 13” wheels.

My hope is to have a prototype ready by the end of 2014. The new rules for ICV,S will slow the progress on this build as much testing is required for this project,however we will get it there.