Sidecar Leading Link

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Sidecars & Leading Link forks. Not a new idea by any means. Why are they better? Telescopic forks were designed by the manufacturers for bikes with two wheels, leaning into and out of corners and the ability to self-centre. When you fit a sidecar, it changes the handling. IE: you now steer the bike instead of leaning. What happens now? the faster you ride into a corner the more effort required to steer around it. Fork flex, twist and chatter occur because of lateral forces. When you hit the front brake hard  the forks compress, Other problems that occur include low speed head shake and in some cases this can occur at cruising speeds. This can make riding uncomfortable and tiring.

The advantages of Leading Link, you can adjust the trail to lighten the effort required to steer the outfit, Floating calipers can be fitted which means braking load is transferred to the main fork tubes, so under heavy braking you still have normal suspension travel, and only minor dive due to weight transfer and Coil over shocks give adjustability and ensure a smooth ride.The advantages of Leading Link make the outfit riding experience much more enjoyable                                                                                                                                                                        


 Remember to check with the relevant State or Territory registry office regarding the installation of Leading Link front end.


 VT 750 Honda Chrome Plated Link
 Off-Road Version with YSS suspension
 BMW R100RT With 2K Painted Link
 Ready to go.jpg  leading Link complete.jpg  chrome_plated_link.jpg
 Suzuki GSX1400 & Chrome Link
 Kawasaki  and Leading Link
 Harley Davidson With Chrome Link
 leading_link.jpg  bandit_leading_link.jpg  
 Harley Davidson Chrome Leading Link
 Suzuki 1250 Badit Leading Link
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