Sidecar Wheels

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                                    New Wheels now available.

We can now supply a range of 15" Alloy rims. With around 20 different styles for matching front,rear & sidecar, and a further 40 of so for front only. . Call for pricing or further details. Cool

  Its Here BMW GS 15" Rear wheel conversions!

Nothing to change bolts to standard mont. Rear disc bolts straight on. Call for details




hb_141_chrome db_125

Wheel set HB 130



Sean takes delivery of our first set of matching rims.July 2007

The HB130  design incorporates the new rear wheel cush Drive system

Rotor Forged Wheel.jpg Sidecar wheel HB130.jpg

          HB130 15" Rear setup

 HB 125 3 piece spun alloy15" rim
 HB 13015: Alloy Sidecar Wheel
 Coming soon BMW GS rear 15" rear wheel
Trading as SEAN & ROBYN KELLY S R K ENGINEERING | ABN: 47 260 834 611
Note: All prices are in AUD