Sidecar Projects - Harley Davidson

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                            Harley Davidson



 Skols Harley with a Indian Body fitted. 

This outfit has won several trophy's at bike shows around the State


 build_1.jpg  dylan_build_2.jpg  in_the_paint_shop.jpg
 pat_and_skol.jpg  harley_and_indian_1.jpg  harley_indian_4.jpg









 John sent his Harley over to get a Panorama and Leading Link fitted. This will make a great tourer when complete.

 setting_up_chassis.jpg  body_fittup.jpg  setting_up_wheel_and_suspension.jpg
panorama_front.jpg rear_nudge_bar.jpg
 15_alloy.jpg  high_top_bow.jpg  john_ready_for_the_trip_home.jpg



               Harley Davidson

                    Harley Davidson Ultra Classic



harley_arrives.jpg fitted_and_painted.jpg front.jpg
 rear_view.jpg  side_view.jpg  



                                                 Harley Davidson




Wladyslaw dropped his brand new Harley CVO in to get a Dusting fitted. This will be a very smart outfit when completed

 harley_svo.jpg  double_dusting.jpg dummy_fit_up.jpg
 ready_to_road_test.jpg  15_inch_polished_alloy.jpg  seat.jpg



                      Harley Davidson Road King





Brian sent his Road King to us to get a Sportz fitted up. This will make a great outfit when she is complete.
 final_checks.jpg  chassis_and_suspension.jpg  final_chassis_fitting.jpg
 looking_good.jpg  sportz_rear.jpg  sportz_side.jpg
 sportz_travel_tonneau.jpg    ready_for_the_trip_home.jpg






                          Ron dropped his Harley Ultra Classic in

                                    to get his sidecar setup


 ultra_classic.jpg  side_view.jpg  rear_view.jpg





                     Harley Road King and Sportz




 Stan decided to get a Sportz body fitted to his Harley. Some added stability and a nice comfy seat for his wife Annie.

He and Bob made the trip fom Melbourne to drop the Harley off.

stripping_front_end.jpg chassis_set_up.jpg fitting_top_mounts.jpg
fitting_up_the_body.jpg leading_link_.jpg sidecar_wheel.jpg
billet_wheel.jpg chrome_leading_link.jpg ready_for_road_test.jpg






Harley Davidson & Sportz Sidecar

ricks_harley.jpg on_the_jig.jpg measuring_for_leading_link.jpg



Rick sent his Harley down from Queensland to get a Sportz Sidecar and a Leading Link fitted. The addition of a billett sidecar wheel and chrome Link will finish of the package.

chassis_set_up.jpg suspension_set_up.jpg chassis_mount.jpg
guard_trial_fit.jpg finishing_touches.jpg leading_link.jpg
 srk_sportz.jpg  sportz_seat.jpg  billet_wheel.jpg




1942 Harley Davidson & Tilbrook Sidecar











Steve delivered his very tidy 42 Harley to get a Tilbrook set up. The Tilbrook was in quite good condition for its age. However removing the old paint revealed some rust in the tail section and some bogged up dints.

 tilbrook_sidecar.jpg  a_few_dints_and_bumps.jpg  a_little_rusty.jpg
 body_preparation.jpg  chassis_set_up.jpg  stripped_for_repairs.jpg
 pinstriping_prior_to_paint.jpg  masking_the_pattern.jpg  final_chassis_fitup.jpg
 final_fit_up.jpg  final_front.jpg  rear_shot.jpg

                     Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster


ready_for_road_test.jpg  Sean delivered his Harley Sportster to get a Leading Link fitted up. and upgrade the brakes. This will lighten the steering and improve the handling and stopping. 16_front_wheel.jpg
set_up_on_the_jig.jpg brake_up_grade.jpg before.jpg
 leading_link__16_wheel.jpg  sean__narelle_.jpg  ready_for_the_trip_home.jpg








                      Harley Davidson Ultra Classic

                                                   Fitting up a HRD onto a 1994 Model
 harley_on_the_jig.jpg  adam_ready_to_test.jpg  harley_and_hrd.jpg
 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic
 Setting up Barry's Harley for Leading Link.Then  Barry decided to get the Leading Link Chromed.
 harley_on_the_jig  painted_link.jpg  a_wiring_nightmare
 chrome_plated_link.jpg  Temp setup  Barry and Harley
 Leading Link  harley_on_the_mount.jpg  mt_-panorama.jpg


 Harley Davidson Road King


 Bruce & Vicki brought in their Harley Road King.They purchased a 2nd hand sidecar which will need some extra work on the chassis before we can fit her to the Road King as_it_arrived.jpg
harley_davidson.jpg old_mounting_system.jpg bruce_and_his_brothers.jpg
rider_training.jpg more_rider_training.jpg
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