Sidecar Projects - Kawasaki

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 Peter and Jo dropped their Kawasaki ZRX1200 in to get a Premier sidecar and Leading Link fitted. The tilt front will make access easier.


setting_up_chassis.jpg modified_premier_body_1.jpg
 modified_premier_body_2.jpg  road_test.jpg  ready_to_go.jpg
 ready_to_refit.jpg    pete_and_jo.jpg




                                    Kawasaki Vulcan and Sportz Sidecar

 Peter sent his Kawasaki Vulcan down from Queensland to get a Sportz Sidcar Fitted.This will make a great outfit


kwaka_in_the_shipping_crate.jpg chassis_set_up.jpg
sportz_body.jpg ready_for_paint.jpg
 matt_fits_handbrake_cable.jpg  final_fit_up.jpg  trimming_the_body.jpg
 all_ready.jpg  road_test_time.jpg  boot.jpg
 _seat.jpg  interior.jpg  



                          Kawasaki GPZ900R

This 900 we are setting up for my brother Pat. This will get him back on three wheels 

old_paint_scheme.jpg road_test_ready.jpg rear_view.jpg
 ready_for_rubbing.jpg  masking_.jpg  mick_prepares_the_body.jpg
 new_colour_scheme.jpg  tank_ready_for_stickers.jpg  gpz_side.jpg
 gpz_close.jpg  gpz_front.jpg  gpz_rear.jpg





Ron decided to  trade the old Goldwing in for a Kawasaki. Some new mounts and a Leading Link will see him back on the Road.                                            

 leading_link.jpg  ready_for_the_trip_home.jpg  thumb_kawasaki_vn_1600.jpg
On The Jig   thumb_On The Jig.jpg  Kawasaki 1600
 Chassis Mount Mods  Setting Link  Bending fork legs

 Lynton and Biggi, are keen to get there Kawasaki steering a little easier.
 HEL Braided Lines  Low set steering Damper  GPZ Leading Link
 link_and_axle_align  shock_set-up  Kwaka 900 and DJP
 GPZ900R  new_tyre  











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Note: All prices are in AUD