August 2008

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August Newsletter





A Quick update on what’s been happening.


 Its been couple of months since our last news letter and it only seems like last week. We have been busy as usual. Quite an exciting time for us between now and christmas.

The 22nd of August should see the delivery of our first Touring Body, the Panorama. We will have some work to do when it is delivered, setting up screen, trim and paint. All going well she will be on show at the Sidecar Rally at the end of September.(see Coming events)  The Griffin however will not be ready until the end of September, early October. Some last minute changes with the guard design have put us back a few weeks. The Dustings body should be arriving in the last week of August, and we hope to have our first completed unit ready by the end of September. I will post photos as soon as I have them. The design for the all steel body off-road style tourer is all but complete. This will be called the Explorer; a robust, basic design that will allow the owner to apply his own personal touches to suit his or her needs. The guard design will also allow for normal or long travel suspension. The release of this body will be later in the year.


We would like to thank Jim Kesby who carried out the Road Trial on the Griffin. His feed back has allowed us to make some subtle changes that will make this body practical, and appealing.












Inline with our development program we have completed our series 3 Leading Link, the small changes made will give us a little more clearance for the brake stabiliser rods and Guard clearance.















DLRA the SRK Salt challenge has received a boost with sponsorship of the 750Class by Graham Ward from Warpole Pty Ltd. & Beard Bros Motorcycles have assisted with parts for the bike a GSXR750. The mate, Ian and I spent the weekend stripping down the bike and engine ready for a rebuild. The conrod decided to get a little close to the crank, due to a lack of oil.












I am also looking forward to the end of the year when my son Matthew will be coming on board. He will be starting as an apprentice in Engineering Production. He has been helping out a lot more lately and an extra set of hands will be greatly appreciated, by both Corey and me.










 Matt helping with a Dustings Body Rebuild






My Brother Pat has decided that its time to upgrade and is putting his GSX1100E on the market. Give me a call if you know of anyone interested. It’s a good reliable outfit, series 1 SRK Leading Link, DJP Tourer EL body, 2 pack paint. Bike just fitted new front sprocket chain and rear shocks.  Serviced last visit here and new front tyre fitted. Near new rear, handles great. I guess that he will be looking to get about $6300.00.











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