Custom Exhaust Systems

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Sports Exhausts, Custom Exhausts, Stainless Steel high flow Cats SRK now make these available to you without having to travel over the Mountains.Supplied and Fitted by our expert staff. Call in and have a chat. 

dens_bike_2SRK can also manufacture Custom systems to suit Cars, Bikes and Boats.

Custom pipes & Muffler         
   for FJ 1200 Yamaha

Tuned Length
Roadrace S Car exhaust
304 S Steel
 RoadRace custom exhaust Kawasaki Period 5 Road Race siedcar exhaust.


new_exhaust.jpg primary_pipes.jpg exhaust.jpg
 Suzuki GSXR1000


Custom system for Off Road XJ900Yamaha    


Trading as SEAN & ROBYN KELLY S R K ENGINEERING | ABN: 47 260 834 611
Note: All prices are in AUD