July Update

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Well; things have been very busy here. Reg's outfit now finished its time to move to the next project.  GSX1400 Suzuki with a modified DJP. This should start in the next couple of weeks, so keep a look out. Reg also dropped in a couple of photo's that were very interesting.
Reg and his brother Darrel on a 1962 model AJS 500 at Nepean raceway 1969.


Another thing of interest was when Stevo called in to say hello and dropped in some photo's of a sidcar he picked up outside Orange NSW a little while back. It seems to have a bit of History, but it is sketchy. Have a look at the photo's and maybe someone can help with info. Its a Suzi Water bottle base with what appears to be a GSX fuel tank, frame ???. Sidecar, suspension and Leading link all appear to be Suzuki swing arms. The story goes there were two bikes built to travel across Aus North South & East West. The tank badge is EWX2. It would be great to solve this little mystery. If you know anything please drop us a line and i'll print the info.


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